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Allergy Season and Discwoman team up to compile an incredible 42-track compilation in protest of a certain US President-elect’s imminent inauguration.

The hefty tracklist includes exclusive work from the likes of DJ Stingray, rRoxymore, Yu Su, JM, Bookworms, Via App and far too many more to mention here. You can name your own price on Bandcamp and all proceeds will “go to selected charities who oppose the hateful policies of the incoming administration”

From the Allergy Season / Discwoman camp: “Well, we just got back from the doctor and yes, we’re sick. There is a fetid smell, the pollen of hatred and bigotry, wafting through the air and our allergies are acting up. While there’s no known cure, we’ve come up with something to treat the symptom, a healthy dose of electronic protest music, a middle finger from the underground to the future powers-that-be. Taken once a day, this pack can help to alleviate the symptoms of discrimination and demagoguery, whether from proto-fascist politicians or insecure music forum commenters.

Physically Sick is a charity compilation by Allergy Season and Discwoman curated by Umfang, Frankie Hutchinson, Max McFerren and Physical Therapy. 100% percent of profits from the compilation will go to selected charities who oppose the hateful policies of the incoming administration: The American Civil Liberties Union, Callen-Lorde, The National Immigration Law Center, and Planned Parenthood.