80 Endless Loops (2LP)


Rasmus Hedlund & Tuomo Väänänen ‎– 80 Endless Loops

Side A – Loops 01 – 20

Side B – Loops 21 – 40

Side C – Loops 41 – 60

Side D – Loops 61 – 80

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Rasmus Hedlund & Tuomo Väänänen ‎– 80 Endless Loops

Ljudverket’s second release was made as part of a sound installation for an art exhibition in Helsinki.

Rasmus Hedlund & Tuomo Väänänen’s 2LP album consists of 80 locked grooves, 20 on each side. The installation itself held 4 turntables, where each side of the four records were represented as a sound source, from where the participants could themselves choose a random loop and thus create their own soundscapes.

Only 200 copies pressed…

All loops written and produced by Rasmus Hedlund & Tuomo Väänänen

Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin

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Ambient, Drone, Electronic, Electronica/IDM/Abstract, Experimental