Hyperattention: Selected Dijital Works Vol. 1 (LP)


Dijit ‎– Hyperattention: Selected Dijital Works Vol. 1

A1. Dijit Feat SD – 1772 (cover)
A2. Dijit Feat. SD – Morra (Abd Elghani Alsayed Cover)
A3. Dijit Feat Karimaann – Bad K
A4. Dijit Feat. AC Ghazy – Babaakh
A5. Dijit Feat SD – Natfo
A6. Dijit Feat. Karen – Ice Cream
A7. Dijit – Lakk

B1. Dijit Feat. SD – Laila Elweskha
B2. Dijit – Mahragan elahzan
B3. Dijit Feat. Ott Eswed -Zeed
B4. Dijit – Soaad
B5. Dijit Feat. Ali Talibab & SD – We’re the dead

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Dijit ‎– Hyperattention: Selected Dijital Works Vol. 1

Exceptional debut album of blue and abstracted trip hop from Cairo’s Dijit, making their first appearance for Andy Lyster’s Youth with a smoked-out, downbeat sound reminding us of Leila’s classic debut album ‘Like Weather’ and Tricky’s ‘Pre-Millennium Tension’ – with contemporary echoes of Tirzah, Zuli and Msylma.

Perfectly low-lit and charged with a slow, nocturnal energy, ‘Hyperattention: Selected Digital Works Vol.1’ rounds up five years (2013-2018) of recordings made in Cairo by Hashem L Kelesh aka Dijit featuring a succession of guest vocalists who would come to smoke, hang-out and make music in his studio.

Undoubtedly echoing Richard D James / Björk-collaborator Leila as much as the off-kilter blooz of Tricky, or even Tirzah’s hashed-out lower case R&B, the set memorably introduces a fully formed artist who’s already worked with well known musicians and singers in Egypt and the Middle East, and is now primed for wider audiences.


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Downtempo, Electronic, Experimental, Hip Hop