Journey In Satchidananda (LP)


A1. Journey In Satchidananda 6:33
A2. Shiva-Loka 6:33
A3. Stopover Bombay 2:50

B1. Something About John Coltrane 10:40
B2. Isis And Osiris 11:32

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With Journey in Satchidananda, Alice Coltrane and her collaborators arguably delivered one of the best (and most accessible) entries in the enchanting world of experimental, cosmic Jazz.

An effortless listen from beginning to end, her fourth solo outing manages to conjure a whole new world from the North African and Indian influences that form the basis of this record. Coltrane’s unmistakable piano and harp melds perfectly throughout with Pharoah Sander’s soprano saxophone, but it’s the prominent Eastern/African drones (via the unconventional use of the Oud and Tamboura instruments) which forms the backbone, making it standout like no other Jazz record of that time.

Regardless of genre preference, Journey In Satchidananda remains an essential addition to any music fan’s collection and a perfect entry point into the blissful and transcendental world of spiritual Jazz.

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Pre-owned (Near Mint)


Free/Avant/Improv Jazz, Jazz, Spiritual Jazz