Parabolas Of Neon (12″)


Lord Of The Isles ‎– Parabolas Of Neon

A1. Sunrise 89
A2. Beatha
A3. An Stuc

B1. Bryte
B2. Tocpe 28
B3. Parabolas Of Neon

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Lord Of The Isles ‎– Parabolas Of Neon

Neil McDonald’s long-standing relationship with Firecracker boss Lindsay Todd – dating back a decade to their joint residency in Edinburgh – has seen Lord Of The Isles records appear on both UNTHANK and Shevchenko, whilst he also contributed to the Scotch and field recording shenanigans of 2016’s Mac-talla Nan Creag album. In early 2017, McDonald graduated to the main Firecracker label for this full Lord Of The Isles debut – Parabolas Of Neon.

Taking shape as a six-track 12′′ (it’s basically a mini-album), the record features glacial techno and downtempo, cinematic melancholia; a fitting tribute to peaks conquered, whisky-drenched travelogues, warehouse parties, long drives and fried afters. It’s also one of the finest releases 2017 had to offer – and one of our favourite releases from over the last few years. Sublime.

Lush silkscreened artwork by House Of Traps and Al White.

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Pre-owned (Near Mint)


Ambient, Downtempo, Electronic, House, Techno