Scorched Erden (Ltd CD)


Seltene Erden ‎– Scorched Erden

01. Mythril Shard
02. Pavis Schema
03. Twinkling Titanite
04. Belselium
05. Passage Jewel
06. Rhodochrosite
07. Temporal Earth Stone
08. Rising Core
09. Water Prismite
10. Palestone

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Seltene Erden ‎– Scorched Erden

After a brief break in releases (or so it seems) this is a very welcome return from PBS favourite Gunnar Wendel – aka Kassem Mosse aka DJ Residue – and his first under the Seltene Erden moniker since 2011’s ‘Northern Rae’ for Mule Electronic. And it’s another pitch-perfect release for Andrew Lyster’s unstoppable YOUTH imprint

With his Workshop / Kassem Mosse releases alone, Gunnar Wendel cemented a reputation as one of the most exciting and effective club-orientated producers out there and then only intrigued us further with his more experimental releases for The Trilogy Tapes (eg the KK/MM and Dillon Wendel collaborations and his singular DJ Residue EP), not to mention the releases on his own Ominira label.

Like that previous Mule release, his latest is a strong side-step away from the dancefloor – focusing on melody and atmosphere over rhythm and percussion, delivering a shimmering, enveloping blend of lush electronics that is all too easy to get lost in – and of course it’s all wrapped up in that superior, trademark production. BIG RECOMMENDATION!

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Ambient, Electronic, Experimental