Phillip Fullwood - Words In Dub (LP)

An incredibly scarce album, prior to this Pressure Sounds re-earthing, ‘Words In Dub’ (1979) remains a highly unique set, released in a stark hand-printed sleeve and comprising self-produced rhythm tracks - some donated by friends, such as ‘Africa Rock’, a dub of ‘See Dem Da’ (Jah Marcus Roots 7”) by Burning Spear, with member Rupert Wellington on lead vocals.

The original recordings were primarily laid at Channel One with Barnabas and Crucial Bunny at the mixing board, with ‘Hotter Fire In Babylon’ recorded at Randy’s by Chin Randy himself, and ‘Bubbling’ at Dynamic Studio. The final dub mixes were done at Channel One and also at the legendary Black Ark by Phillip Fullwood’s own hands.

“Well the dub mix, I do it all. You know where I did that dub mix? By Lee Perry’s Black Ark studio. When I went there that day he was acting crazy and then I asked him how much money him charge me he said ‘No I don’t charge you no money’. Because I was in the studio doing all kind of stuff.”

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